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4 min read
Mitchell Mudd

I'm writing this blog post/article to reflect on my first 100DaysOfCode challenge and to prepare myself for the next one which I will be starting next week. I started my first 100DoC on the 30th of March 2021. At the time I was still working my way through the free code camp HTML & CSS projects and was finishing up a product showcase page about a fake mountain bike brand. I had just started The Odin Project curriculum and that along with my portfolio website is what I spent the majority of my time doing. While reading this you'll learn about what I worked on during my first 100DoC, what events transpired during that time to me personally, and what I plan to work on during my next 100DoC. Enjoy 馃槅!

5 min read
Mitchell Mudd

I was listening to some Runescape-inspired lofi beats the other day and thinking of different ideas for blogs I could write. I realized that I had dove into the world of developer/tech podcasts and that prompted the idea to write a post about my 5 favorite tech podcasts. I hope you learn about an awesome podcast...

3 min read
Mitchell Mudd

I started my calculator project on a plane bound for Seattle Washington. The funny thing was I worked on it for an hour and then got stuck because I couldn鈥檛 get the calculator grid to show up at all and had no internet on the plane to look up the issue. When I landed in Seattle that night I found out that the issue was...