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Mitchell Mudd

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Today I watched a webinar by Microsoft titled Future of Work: Leading Innovation in the Era of AI-Powered Productivity. It offered an interesting insight into where CoPilot is now, how you can prepare for the future of AI, and concerns over the privacy/security of generative AI. One interesting thing I learned Copilot is capable of in Microsoft Teams is being able to tell you the sentiment of the meeting you're in. It's like having an impartial third party oversee your meeting. Over the next few minutes, you'll get to read my key takeaways from the webinar and get some useful links to learn more 😄

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Mitchell Mudd

Logo of the dotnet mascot Mod

Having come over to .Net from javascript land I found myself confused when I needed to store sensitive information for the first time. I couldn't use a .env file and proccess.env.superSecretThing anymore. No worries though because there are tons of ways to store sensitive data using .Net!

· 5 min read
Mitchell Mudd

TypeScript in 50 lessons book book cover

I loved TypeScript in 50 Lessons! The book divvies up the fundamentals along with more advanced topics of TypeScript into 50 bite-sized lessons which took me around two months to read doing a lesson or two a night. The smaller lessons always helped me feel as though I was making progress even when I wasn’t feeling happy with my ability to comprehend the topics, it definitely aided me in finishing the book.

The book is written by the brilliant Stefan Baumgartner. He’s a TypeScript wizard and I always end up running into his articles. He recently announced a new book “The TypeScript Cookbook” which will be released through O’Reilly Books and you can find out more about him here. Now I’ll get on with the review 🤪

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Mitchell Mudd

Remix Logo

In this blog post, I'll share my experience using Remix and provide some insights into what made it a valuable tool for my project, as well as areas where I could have improved. Whether you're new to Remix or looking for ways to enhance your workflow, I hope this post will help you appreciate the benefits of this powerful framework. Let's go 🚀!

Remix is a full-stack React framework similar to Next.js. Their mission statement reads:

Focused on web standards and modern web app UX, you’re simply going to build better websites

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Mitchell Mudd

Thumbnail image: React Native, Expo, Apple, and Android logos

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework that allows you to build mobile applications using JavaScript (React).

Okay but what is Expo and why should I use it?

In Expo's own words:

Expo is an open-source framework for apps that run natively on Android, iOS, and the web. Expo brings together the best of mobile and the web and enables many important features for building and scaling an app.

The expo npm package enables a suite of incredible features for React Native apps. The expo package can be installed in nearly any React Native project.

· 5 min read
Mitchell Mudd

Shopify logo and Rollup logo

Why would you want to use a theme app extension?

The extensions can act like sections in your merchants theme. This gives the merchant the freedom to decide where to put your app extension. A personal benefit that I've experienced from using an extension is the ability to use Tailwindcss instead of the vanilla CSS that Shopify provides.

What are some drawbacks to using a theme app extension?

The way that Shopify expects your code to come in can be quite rigid. You aren't allowed to have any additional folders or files in your app extension. The biggest issue that I ran into was not being able to import files into my main JavaScript file. This is where code splitting using rollup js comes in.

What is code splitting and how can rollup js help?

Code splitting is a technique that allows you to split your code into multiple files. This allows you to import files into your main JavaScript file. This is a great way to organize your code and keep it clean. Rollup js is a module bundler that can help you accomplish this. Rollup is the underlying technology that powers Vite -- an incredibly popular tool for developing front end applications...

· 6 min read
Mitchell Mudd

Explore how to handle multipart forms in nodeJS with busboy!

In this post, we'll be exploring how to parse multipart form data in Node.js. We'll be using the busboy module to help us accomplish this! We'll also be using the file system module to save the file to your device.

Getting Started

In an empty folder run the following command to create a package.json file

npm init -y

Then run the following command to initialize a git repository

git init

Create a .gitignore file and add the following line to it. This will tell git to ignore the node_modules folder when we push it to our repository.


Finally, run the following command to install the busboy module which we'll be using to parse the form data

npm install busboy

Inside the folder you created, create a file called index.js and one called index.html and open them in your favorite text editor...

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Mitchell Mudd

Thumbnail Advent of code is a coding challenge that happens every year in December. This is my first year taking part and I found it a bit clunky to copy and paste the input into a string within my JavaScript file.

The solution: use the Node File System module in synchronous mode 🙂 Using fs.readFileSync may not be best practice on normal project (you’re blocking the program from moving until the file is processed), but for advent of code it’s really nice to simply get your input.