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· 5 min read
Mitchell Mudd

Shopify logo and Rollup logo

Why would you want to use a theme app extension?

The extensions can act like sections in your merchants theme. This gives the merchant the freedom to decide where to put your app extension. A personal benefit that I've experienced from using an extension is the ability to use Tailwindcss instead of the vanilla CSS that Shopify provides.

What are some drawbacks to using a theme app extension?

The way that Shopify expects your code to come in can be quite rigid. You aren't allowed to have any additional folders or files in your app extension. The biggest issue that I ran into was not being able to import files into my main JavaScript file. This is where code splitting using rollup js comes in.

What is code splitting and how can rollup js help?

Code splitting is a technique that allows you to split your code into multiple files. This allows you to import files into your main JavaScript file. This is a great way to organize your code and keep it clean. Rollup js is a module bundler that can help you accomplish this. Rollup is the underlying technology that powers Vite -- an incredibly popular tool for developing front end applications...