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· 9 min read
Mitchell Mudd

Remix Logo

In this blog post, I'll share my experience using Remix and provide some insights into what made it a valuable tool for my project, as well as areas where I could have improved. Whether you're new to Remix or looking for ways to enhance your workflow, I hope this post will help you appreciate the benefits of this powerful framework. Let's go 🚀!

Remix is a full-stack React framework similar to Next.js. Their mission statement reads:

Focused on web standards and modern web app UX, you’re simply going to build better websites

· 7 min read
Mitchell Mudd

Thumbnail image: React Native, Expo, Apple, and Android logos

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework that allows you to build mobile applications using JavaScript (React).

Okay but what is Expo and why should I use it?

In Expo's own words:

Expo is an open-source framework for apps that run natively on Android, iOS, and the web. Expo brings together the best of mobile and the web and enables many important features for building and scaling an app.

The expo npm package enables a suite of incredible features for React Native apps. The expo package can be installed in nearly any React Native project.